2018 Field Season

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Stewardship Coordinator: Lantana Clark

MCC Interns: Noah Miller, Jack Stoner, Katie Niemeyer, Shelby Dear, and Kristen Thompson

BSWC Members: Samantha Strable and Taylor Mudford

Noxious Weed Inventory
Throughout the summer, the Friends’ MCC & BSWC Interns spent nine weeks, from June 11th-August 8th surveying the entire monument for 21 noxious weeds and executing weed removal remedies.


- 149 miles of river and 47.1 miles of road were surveyed
- Accounts for 392.2 miles surveyed in total
- 2 miles of noxious weeds removed at Wood Bottom Recreation Area
- 15,000 bio-control wasps released on monument that target knapweed- Over 100 individuals contacted while on the river
- 1,200 bio-control beetles were collected and released in Helena, targeting leafy spurge

All work was coordinated with and reported to BLM Weed Specialist, Kenneth Keever

Native Vegetation Restoration
The Friends’ five MCC Conservation Interns continued the cottonwood restoration project lead by the Friends and the BLM for the past six years.


- 12 weeks of Montana Conservation Corps Interns watering 273 trees: two interns each week
- Six weeks of Big Sky Watershed Corps Interns and volunteer assistant watering 273 trees
- Over 100 individuals contacted while on the river
- 2018 watering sites: Little Sandy Campground (2017 planting), Terry Ranch Undaunted Stewardship Site (2017 planting), and Bailey Hazlewood (2018 planting)

Little Sandy Campground
The Friends’ five MCC interns assisted on the removal and construction of fence at the Little Sandy Campground.


Five MCC interns contributed a total of 90 hours on this project
- 2 miles of fences removed
- 2 miles of fence constructed
Judith Landing Campground
- Assisted in removing 0.5 miles of fence at Judith Landing

The BLM always aims to tackle worn and aging signs throughout the Monument. In years past, the Friends have assisted with installing new signs and 2018 was a continuation our support in this ongoing project.


Five signs replaced
- 3 on the highway to Wood Bottom
- 2 at Wood Bottom Recreation Area