Friends of the Missouri Breaks Monument

Our Mission

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit incorporated in 2001 to support the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument – where the wild and scenic Missouri River flows through nearly half-a-million acres of central Montana prairies and badlands. We protect and preserve the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument through advocacy, education and stewardship.


FMB works with the Bureau of Land Management to create meaningful stewardship and volunteer events directly benefiting the monument. Projects include everything from river cleanup and invasive species removal, to resource inventory floats and cottonwood planting. In addition to our volunteer events, we hire seasonal Treekeepers to float the river every week to water our newly planted cottonwood tree galleries, and a seasonal crew to complete conservation projects throughout the monument.


We have been unwavering advocates of the Missouri Breaks Monument since the monument was established in 2001. We encourage our members and other concerned citizens to speak up about protecting our central Montana prairies and badlands, as well as the Wild and Scenic River. We’ve organized our members to write comments, send letters, contact elected officials, attend public meetings and rallies — all to make sure their voices are heard about protecting our lands and waters in the area.


The Upper Missouri River breaks National Monument resides in some of the poorest counties in the State.  As a result of this, opportunities for youth can be limited.  FMB is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between disadvantaged children and monument Resources.

Who We Are

The Friends of the Missouri Breaks Monument work hard to advocate for the monument and steward the Missouri River.
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