Partnerships and Affiliations

Montana Wildlife Federation

The Friends are an affiliate organization of the Montana Wildlife Federation.


The Bureau of Land Management

The Bureau of Land Management Montana/Dakotas manages about 8.3 million acres of federal lands and about 47.2 million acres of federal mineral estate in the three states of Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota. 

National Conservation Lands

The National Conservation Lands are 36 million acres that contain some of the most spectacular scenic, natural, historical, cultural and archaeological sites in the country. These protected public lands, rivers and trails, managed by the Bureau of Land Management, have joined the ranks of our national parks and wildlife refuges as guardians of our nation’s natural, cultural and outdoor heritage and drivers of its $646 billion outdoor recreation economy.

Friends Grassroots Network

Our Friends Grassroots Network–made up of 63 community-based groups, mostly in the West–helps individual groups use their collective influence to advocate for new designations and advance strong conservation management policies and practices.

Conservation Lands Foundation

The mission of the Conservation Lands Foundation is to protect, restore and expand the National Conservation Lands through education, advocacy and partnerships.

The Kendeda Fund

The Kendeda Fund supports grassroots programs and organizations that empower local people in their work to improve wellbeing for all and protect Montana’s beauty. The state is a great place to live, work, and raise a family because of its natural resources, rich abundance of outdoor activities, and strong communities.

The Cinnabar Foundation

The Cinnabar Foundation invests in nonprofits to fulfill their missions through strategic grants, networking, and educational opportunities; identifies and addresses Montana's conservation needs by engaging in partnerships to solve problems and create a better and more sustainable quality of life for all; and partners with donors by sharing our knowledge of Montana's conservation needs and issues to make charitable giving easy and making donations exceptionally effective.

Montana Shares

Montana Shares is a federation of Montana-based nonprofit organizations working to promote our state’s human, animal, cultural and natural resources. Members are working on issues concerning health and hunger, women and families, the environment, community arts and culture, education, animal welfare, social and economic justice and human rights.

Northwestern Energy

NorthWestern Energy is a community within many communities. We are close to 1,600 individuals working collectively to build stronger communities in Montana, Nebraska and South Dakota through the production, generation and delivery of electricity and natural gas.  Our goal is to be a leading corporate citizen in each of the diverse communities we serve.

Public Land Water Access Association

The mission of PLWA is to maintain, restore, and perpetuate public access to the boundaries of all Montana’s public lands and waters.

Find out more about PLWA by visiting their website at