Upcoming events

Cottonwood Planting                                                                                                     April 1 (Wednesday) and April 3 (Friday)

Missori River

Campers enjoy a pristine outpost for the evening beneath a mature cottonwood. Did you know the youngest naturally-grown cottonwoods in the Monument are 50 years old? (Photo Mike Penfold.)

April marks the start of our action-packed 2015 field season with our third annual cottonwood planting on the Wild and Scenic Missouri! This year we’re planting more trees at more sites than ever before. You can be part of this expanding collaborative restoration effort to replace the Missouri’s aging stands of cottonwoods on one or both days. So, come plant some trees, meet some new folks, and chat with us first-hand about all the other great riparian forest restoration work the Friends, BLM, and Missouri River Conservation Districts Council are doing as part of the Missouri Breaks Riparian Group. Please contact for details and to sign up. Boat space is limited, so pre-registration is necessary.

Salt Cedar Inventory and Removal with MCC                                                                      September – (exact day TBA)


An MCC adult crew pauses for a photo near Hole-in-the-Wall on their search for invasive salt cedar. You can join the crew for a day this summer as part of a collaborative salt cedar seek and destroy mission. (Photo Friends.)

We can use all the help we can get as we battle a priority noxious weed in Montana. Salt cedar is abundant across the southwest United States and has shown up on the Missouri River with increasing frequency in recent years. It replaces desirable native species like cottonwoods and willows, sucks up more water than native plants, makes soils saltier, displaces birds and other wildlife, clogs irrigation canals, and increases fire hazard. We’re trying to get ahead of the problem by conducting on-foot surveys, marking salt cedar locations with GPS units, and digging up the invaders. This year marks our second year of salt cedar work with Montana Conservation Corps, so come join the crew!

Wood Bottom Rehab on Nat’l Public Lands Day                                                                September 26 (Saturday)

The cleanup group!

A group of volunteers gathers for a Nat’l Public Lands Day event in 2014. Please join us this year at Wood Bottom in celebration of the spectacular public lands that belong to all Americans. (Photo Friends.)

Wood Bottom Recreation Area is a minimally-developed site on the Missouri that’s accessible by road and boat. It flooded in 2014, resulting in fencing damage and weed infestation. BLM is leading the charge to rehab this site via removing damaged fencing, pulling weeds, and generally spiffing it up. In exchange for your help, the Friends will provide a delicious lunch to say thank you on this national day of service!